Julia Llerena

Julia Llerena (Sevilla, Spain,1985) studied Fine Arts between Seville, Barcelona and Florence. She graduated a MA from the Compulsente University of Madrid. Recent solo exhibitions include In event of moon disaster, Fresh Window, NY; The whole as an object, Galería RocíoSantaCruz, Barcelona; Estrato 0, Blueproject foundation, Barcelona; Los lugares de un ardid, Hospital Real, FACBA, Granada and Home, una cuestión global, INICIARTE. Room Santa Inés, Seville. She has recently collaborated with the Sabrina Amrani Gallery within Art Banchel with the exhibition Al Alba.

The work of Julia Llerena has also been shown at the Biennial of Young Artists from Europe, Mediterranea 16, Ancona, Italy; MuVIM, Valencia; the contemporary art center of Salamanca (Da2); Espacio OTR, Madrid; Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (CAAC), Spanish Embassy in Tokyo; Espacio Odeón, Colombia; Minimum Space Gallery (Entreacto); LABoral (Gijón).

Julia Llerena obtained various scholarships and awards such as the Blueproject Foundation, Barcelona; Brecha Laboratory, La Paz, Mexico; Injuve Creation Scholarship 2015, Plastic Arts Circuits XXVI, Madrid. She has also received Production Grant from the Community of Madrid.