Gerhard Richter

Dresde, 1932

Born in Dresden (Germany) in 1932, throughout his extensive artistic career, he has experimented with different media: sculpture, photography, drawing and, especially, painting, both figurative and abstract. He has also continually examined the nature of images, highlighting in particular the contingency of representation.

In one series, for example, Richter painted meticulous slideshows of photographs, including blurred elements, faithfully portraying and emphasizing the hidden aspects of the original impression.

After studying at the Academy of Fine Arts in Dresden, he exhibited throughout Europe from the 1960s, and had his first retrospective at Kunsthalle Bremen, Germany, in 1976. His work has been the subject of retrospectives at Kunsthalle Düsseldorf, Tate Gallery, London, Museum of Contemporary Art of Chicago, New York MOMA as well as the San Francisco Museum of Art amongst many others.