22.11.2019 - 15.02.2020


Nagore Amenabarro, Kate Newby, Oscar Tuazon, Jessica Warboys


        the way you’d know spring was coming was that around the end of march you’d hear rolls of thunder or cannonades that   would mean the ice was breaking on the river you’d say gee it must be spring the ice is breaking on the river      and it  was like a series of deep distant drum rolls   brrrrrrrrrrmbrrrrrrrrrrrm      and you didn’t feel much better about it      because the sky was still gray and cold  and the trees were still bare

         in fact you felt better in January because the snow seemed to keep you warm” 1

The way David Antin described the first signs of the arrival of Spring in the state of New York in his talk poem Spring, love, noise and all is quite far from what is commonly expected. His description of the ice breaking into the river, cooling the water and giving it a terrible color somehow encapsulates what the distance between expectations and experience is about; A physical banal platitude that turns out to be very important, is still hard to apprehend.

David Antin’s talk poems were improvisatory talk performances in which he addressed to a live audience simple thoughts about the weather, a train ride or a friendship. The digressions shaped his poems, creating a clever mixture between expectations, spontaneous thoughts and the intervention of the immediate environment (experience). This poetical attitude of letting things happen gives to Antin’s work a very special tone. There are exactly four of them is an exhibition that marks the first anniversary of the gallery, exploring, through the work of four significant artists, the possibility of translating this poetic sensibility into the exhibition space.

Here at Cibrián the work of these four artists is installed in order to create a space in which unique environments can coexist and converse between each other and with the audience. A space that is somehow similar to a David Antin stage, wide open to a reality that might corrupt what one could expect. “ you know how it will come and when it will come      because in your expectations it always comes    in a neat order the way seasons do     because there are exactly four of them.” 2

Martin Lahitète

1, 2 (David Antin, Spring love noise and all, in What it means to be avant-garde, ED. New Directions, 1993)

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