Susan Cianciolo

Susan Cianciolo is a visual artist and designer who lives and works in New York, NY, and whose work has made an important contribution to the intersecting histories of art and fashion of the last three decades.
Cianciolo uses a variety of personal objects and archival material to produce collages, garments, textiles, installations, publications and performances. In 1995 she founded RUN, a fashion label with multiple iterations such as RUN Store, RUN Café and RUN Restaurant, with which she produced eleven collections between 1995 and 2001.
In considering Susan Cianciolo’s oeuvre, one grasps the consistent and intimate force behind each work. It is not so much a confessional intrusion into the artist’s life, as it is a distillation of it left in plain view, a gift to the viewer.


Spirit guide  2019  + Cloth, thread, plastic, safety pin. 188 × 162.5 cm

Tapestry 3  2017  +Mixed fabric, drawings and tape. 152.5 × 294.5 cm

Deluxe Accessories Kit  2001-2010  +Silk triangle bag, glitter, paper, cotton tapestry necklace or wall- hanging, dye and acrylic on canvas sneakers, cotton woven shawl, cotton bow tie, 2-sided offset printed poster, Run 11 Shiseido makeup bag on cotton patchwork textile with fabric by Mike Mills. 10 × 63.5 × 76 cm

Royalty Kit  2001-2010  +Cardboard box, with glitter, flower pattern skirt, pink cotton cloth, burlap and cotton dress, belt, Book of John, painted paper and wood planets, play food, photographs. 29 × 38 × 11.5 cm

Contributors / Collaborators: Spirit Guides 2020  +Water-based paint on paper. 61 × 45,5cm

Spirit Guides 2020  +Water-based paint, tape and crayon on paper. 61 × 45,5cm

I have seen many circles in the future 2022  +Water-based paint, ink and collage on paper. 61 × 45,5cm

I saw the circle 2022  +Water-based paint on paper. 61 × 45,5cm

When I see the horizon crossing the earth, I make a wish, which is a study of the cross In outside sculptures 2022  +Water-based paint, tape and collage on paper. 61 × 45,5cm